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Ucando Sp. z o.o.
03-310 Warszawa .
Staniewicka 22 .
Контактное лицо
Ucando Sp. z o.o.
Тел: (22) 100-13-07


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  • Parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines


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The recognisable form of Pilothouse superstructures or cabins is always fully expressed. The cabin always has a height for comfortable standing. The problem is that the smaller the boat, the cabin seems to be too high. The 5.6 m long hull is classic fishing and is a good and proven solution for s...

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Cabin Cruiser

Cabin cruisers are motorboats with a comfortable cabin for at least 2 people. The boat is equipped with a galley with a burner, fridge and sink with running water. Additional options on cabin cruiser boats are heating, air-conditioning, thrusters, toilet, shower etc. Powerboats built on a planing...

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